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Our Produce

At AJ Boon Butchers we are proud of all of our produce. We take great care when sourcing all of our meat and dairy produce to ensure that we only stock the very best that the Cheshire locality has to offer.

From our butchers counter we sell:

Beef: we stock Sirloin steaks, fillet steaks, rump, silverside, topside, the fore rib and much more. You can find out more about our beef that we sell here.

Lamb: we stock all of the usual joints and chops that you can expect from a quality local butchers including crown roasts, lamb racks, loin fillets, noisettes and butterflyed legs of lamb. You can find out more about our lamb that we sell here.

we stock a wide range of pork joints, chops and roasts. You can find out more about our pork that we sell here.

Poultry: we exclusively stock only British poultry and have a large selection of free range chicken including whole birds, breasts, legs and oven ready dishes freshly prepared by our trained staff on the premises. You can find out more about our poultry that we sell here.

Sausages: we sell a wide range of different sausages ranging from seasonal favourites through to the classics. You can find out more about our sausages that we sell here.

Pies: we are famous for our fantastic range of pies that are made in house. You have to try them to see what all the fuss is about! We have pork pies, pork and apple pies, turkey and ham pies, steak and kidney pies, steak pies, meat and potato pies and of course… sausage rolls. You can find out more about our famous pies here.

Game: we stock game as and when it is season. We sell venison, pheasant, mallard, partridge plus a selection of diced game meats. You can find out more about the game we sell here.

Cheese: we sell a huge selection of different cheeses from local dairy farms and from around the world. You can see the full range of what we can offer here.

Pate: We are proud to sell a range of pate from acclaimed producers The Patchwork Traditional Food Company. We sell Cointreau and orange, Tequila and cranberry, Brandy and herb, mushroom and garlic, duck liver and apricot brandy, wild boar, black seal rum and ginger, stilton and Guiness, stilton and pear, smoked salmon mousse flavours. You can visit their site here.

Cooked Meats: we also sell a large range of cooked meats including ox tongue, roast turkey, roast beef, roast ham an boiled ham which are cooked on site.