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AJ Boon Butchers stock a range of different flavoured sausages to suit any palate! All of our sausages are made on the premises using only the finest raw ingredients.

We always have the following behind the counter every day of the week:
Thin Pork sausages
Thin honey roast Pork sausages
Thick Pork sausages
Linconshire Pork sausages
Old English Pork sausages

We also rotate the following special sausages:

Pork and Apple sausages
Sage and red onion sausages
Pork and Leek sausages

Cracked black pepper sausages
Tomato and basil pork sausages
Sweet chilli pork sausages
Pork and wild mushroom sausages
Moroccan Lamb sausages

Spicy garlic pork sausages
Beef steak and Guinness sausages

To find ou what we have in stock today please call us on 01625 861 262.