At AJ Boon Butchers we are proud of all of our produce. We take great care when sourcing all of our meat and dairy produce to ensure that we only stock the very best that the Cheshire locality has to offer.


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We stock sirloin steaks, fillet steaks, rump, silverside, topside, the fore rib and much more. All our beef is British with the majority supplied by Mr J Brereton of Nantwich. Our beef is slaughtered by E&T Jackson of Tabley, Knutsford.

We only stock the finest British beef and treat it with care and attention to ensure it is the finest and best in Cheshire. As an example, we mature the hind quarter for two to three weeks on the bone to achieve the optimum taste and tenderness.


We stock a wide range of pork joints, chops and roasts. All our pigs are supplied locally by E&T Jackson of Tabley, Knutsford, who in turn source them from Mr Malcolm Beatie of Allostock and Russel Watson of Frodsham.

When viewing our pork range don’t be surprised if you see it on our counter with some fat on. All good pork should be reasonably fatty as it allows you to cool your joint with a succulent crackling!


We stock all the usual joints and chops that you would expect from a quality local butchers including crown roasts, lamb racks, loin fillets, noisettes and butterflyed legs of lamb.

All our lamb is locally sourced.


We supply a wide range of poultry including whole birds, fillets, breasts and oven-ready dishes.

We also stock a range of locally sourced duck and turkey at Christmas time.